by Dan Pierson



As an audio engineer, I never really thought about being an artist, but I wanted to mix music that was reminiscent of bands that I enjoyed listening to (so you'll hear influences from DTP and Ayreon no doubt)...

Living in the middle of nowhere, it was near impossible to find local metal bands of that style, so I just decided to do everything myself (as you do..)!

It was quite an isolating experience, I had to overcome the struggle of having no other musicians bringing forward fresh ideas. But I loved it - I can't wait to make more music an 'artist'.

So that's the story. Everything you see and hear was created by me in my home studio. A mammoth challenge which I hope paid off!


released May 30, 2016

Dan Pierson


all rights reserved



Dan Pierson UK

I'm a Multi-Instrumentalist and Vocalist from the UK.

I make Ethereal Art Rock and Prog Metal - I guess you could call it 'Diet Prog' :)

If you enjoy my music, I have a fan community here on Bandcamp which is a lot of fun, check it out!
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Track Name: Alive
Hold on
As the wind below the sun
Shatters in the night

Leave Behind
Leave it all behind
And your wish can be done

I am certain
That the wind blows
In the night
Thats all I’m told

Way before we changed our mind
We leave it all behind

Hold on
Hold on, now wait

I’m sure this time

Go on, leave me alone
Just go.

See the window,
Take it off
Count the night
That’s all
Take it or leave it

Way before we changed our mind
We leave it all behind
Track Name: Omega
Start again
Reach it in the end
Turn away
Taking all the love I earned

Everything was painted grey
Run away
On this road I own

If love comes first
Within our insides,
Then I’ll drown here alone

Let’s pretend
Everything is crystal clear,
In the end
Don’t show your face round here
Track Name: Ghost Dance
I’ve calmed down
The reason for my
Leaving this town
Oh I understand
Now more than ever

I leave here tonight
Exit out the window
Even though the door is open
By your hand

Chasing me down
Oh, they surround the exit

Faced with a crowd
Empty eyes stare down
Oh, if there only was a way back home

Tear me down
Hopeful now.

Let me out
Track Name: Dream
Yes, I know
Let me go

Run me round
Don’t make a sound

(It’s a lot to learn)

Hear the sound of the drone
And you’re on your own (only dreaming)
Of your returning
Track Name: Awake
Oh, I’m awake

Sign me up
Sign me up
Oh, please
Help me

How long?
How long am I to wait?
I feel it grow within me
Help me please before I fall asleep

(Sleep, for you’re awake)

How long?
How long am I to wait?
I feel your understanding,
So lighten up
Its not enough
I’ve made my mind up

(Sleep, for you’re awake)

Pay no mind
Save it all for another time

How long?
How long am I to wait?
If it still grows within me
Help me please I’m down here on my knees

(Sleep, for you’re awake)

How long?
How long?
Is it too late?
In this space around me
I’ve given up
I’ve had enough
I switched my mind off

(Sleep, for you're awake)

Pay no mind
Save it all for another time

(Sleep, for you’re awake)