by Dan Pierson

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Crystal Vincent
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Crystal Vincent The elements of this album take me to my favourite prog comfort zones while enticing the mind with captivating lyrics. Fluidly changing signatures to connect the dots, this is a fun journey that you can only traverse through the cosmos.
Exsolus 05:02
Where have you been? (I can't reach the sun) What have you seen? (I can't see the sun) What have you heard? (I can't hear the sun) How can you feel? (I can't feel) Is this the way you've been waiting for? Is this the path you've been praying for? Is this the sign you've been searching for? Is this the perfect crime? Looks like you're out of time Come with me and you'll be fine Is this the perfect crime? Looks like you're out of time Stay with me and you'll be mine Trust in me You are free I am sealed away There's no trust Of what we had we lost Memories are what we keep Speak to me You will see There's another way
Voyage 03:47
There is something deep inside of you There is something more Dare you look inside the world No more lies So we'll all wait On your Voyage Keeping afloat Listen closely to my mind as it falls apart There's no surging fire in my heart If I was chosen I'd give up now But you know you gotta start There were no tears from fallen men You'll hear "God will save you. Have no fear" But you're all back at the start No hope. There's no surging fire.
Lost in another world Dreaming my life away Is there anyone else who feels the same? Lost in another world Dreaming my life away It's all the same Can you feel the same? And I can't help but wonder Lost in another world I've been dreaming my life away Is there anyone else who feels the same? Lost in another world Dreaming my life away Am I dreaming? Do you feel the same?
Rapture 06:47
I hear the teardrops falling Here along the mountainside I feel the joyful crying upon my eyes Each step now I can take you Escalate the ocean shore You were only wondering mortals but now we're more Up above the clouds departed One by one we listen To a distant echo starting It's Heaven's drone I hear the embers falling Rays of light become impure Held beneath the everlasting where I once roamed (No last goodbye) Now there's a way here. It's fall, you can't stay here. We were told we'll never come back Now our world is under attack After all the rain subsided I realise I'm on my own The fear of death no longer scares me Among these clones.
Vein 02:24
(Hold on Only 4 minutes to wait I'm happy)


The concept that threads these tracks together is an exploration into different interpretations of end times; whether literal or something more spiritual.


released September 4, 2017

Dan Pierson - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synths, production
Candra Johnson - Vocals
Alyssia Pollexfen - Vocals
Lennert Kemper - Lead Guitar (Track 3)


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Dan Pierson Bournemouth, UK

I'm a Multi-Instrumentalist and Vocalist from the UK.

I make Ethereal Art Rock and Prog Metal - I guess you could call it 'Diet Prog' :


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