Shadowplay II

by Dan Pierson

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released June 30, 2018


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Dan Pierson UK

I'm a Multi-Instrumentalist and Vocalist from the UK.

I make Ethereal Art Rock and Prog Metal - I guess you could call it 'Diet Prog' :)

If you enjoy my music, I have a fan community here on Bandcamp which is a lot of fun, check it out!
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Track Name: Have You Seen the World?
The way down here.
Not the way down here.

Have you seen the world?

Save the world today.

Pray soon for your life.
Track Name: Static
Tell me that you need me,
I am not as strong as I seem.
Who will release me?

Or tell me that you see me.
All I ask is for a sign here.
Speak to me.

Wait, I feel the air.
We were only just buried.
Oh, come and play.

Oh, so we pause on the airwaves.
Grow to will.

Don't be alone,
I'm always here.
You'll be alright,
But I can't hear a sound.

Show the rain
I'll end the pain.
We are no longer around.

Oh is it me?
A soul left here.
Turning off the light,
So I can't see you drown.

Oh, come back.
Track Name: Refusal
I won't
I won't

Inside these walls
You'll try to hide
But he's seen your face
He'll infiltrate this place
This prison mind
He'll hear you cry

Shut off those radio waves

Stay low
Stay unseen
This will all end soon
Track Name: Eden Sky Train
The train slows down, slows down
The master's on his way
The waves fall down, fall down

The train slows down, slows down
The master's on his way
We make no sound, no sound
Change is now (Go now)

Friend of mine
Where are you going?
We were only trying to help
Come back.
Track Name: After Ghosts Grow Old
Now they're cold
I need to know
After ghosts grow old

Do they pass?
Do they forgive?

I killed them all

It's all over
So I'm told
Everyone gets older
I need to go

Now it's cold
Serene behold
After ghosts grow old

Will I too become cold?

It's all over
We need to show
That your heart was frozen
Long ago